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Brief Description Of Essay Writing Process

Essay writing is an integral part of your academic education. Improving upon your essay writing will help you improve in other departments as well. An essay writer is a person whose job is to create articles. To successfully compose a complete essay the students are required to put down their ideas and thoughts in a constructive manner. The ideas and points are then assisted by scholarly sources through the research process. The academic research helps the students prepare for higher academic tasks such as dissertations and research papers. 

The rest of the essay process involves putting down the information and thoughts in a cohesive manner, inducing the academic style and structure in the writing. While many essay writers tend to benefit from an essay or paper writing service, you should look to improve the essay on your own. This includes going through various resources, reviewing and editing the essay yourself, and trying to avoid committing the common mistakes. 

The essay process starts from when the writer reads the essay prompt and comes to an end only after the feedback is provided by the instructor. It is important that you cover all of the processes and check to make sure that each part is completed. Students who don’t have an essay routine or a process to follow, often end up asking other students, “help write my essay,” in order to rescue your essay or to make it whole. 

Read the prompt

The first thing you should do is to read and understand the prompt. The essay prompt can be a simple task or it can be lots of tasks combined into a single prompt. You should make sure to narrow down the subject matter by identifying the subject parameters in the essay prompt. The writer assigned to write essay for me request is qualified to the same academic level or higher than your writing requirements. These parameters can be according to a class, a time, a place, etc. 

You should also note down the task words that are provided to you in the essay prompt. The task word gives you the information about the academic type of writing that you need to write an essay in. Many advanced essays often divide the prompt into various tasks, each part requiring its own academic writing type such as descriptive, analytical, evaluative, etc.

Note down the guidelines

Make sure that you note down the guideline, such that you can keep them in mind throughout the writing process. Ignoring the guidelines and missing out on the instructions can affect your grade. These guidelines are usually regarding the formatting and referencing styles that you need to adopt.  

Brainstorm for ideas

You cannot go into the writing process without putting down your thoughts and coming up with various ideas and relationships. Always choose the best write my essay service that guarantees timely delivery. The brainstorming process involves giving your ideas and points a spatial representation on paper, allowing you to see the connections and their effectiveness.

Techniques such as mind mapping and freewriting can help you come up with various ideas and points to use in the essay. 

Research using scholarly sources

The research process should be planned separately such that you don’t get lost in the research process or spend the time on irrelevant material. It helps to get acquainted with a research database, as it will improve and fasten your research. 

You should narrow down the source material using the abstracts, the content page, or the introduction. When reading into a paper or article make sure that you make notes of the important information, especially the evidence that you plan to use in the essay. 

The more you spend time on a topic the more you will understand its context and the specific topics therein. Many novice writers often pay for essay research, but due to their unfamiliarity with the topic, they fail to make use of the information. It is therefore crucial that you dive into the research yourself. 

Creating the essay outline

The outline of the essay should be a combination of the notes from the essay research and the brainstorming processes. The mind mapping techniques allow the writer to change the map into an outline with minimal effort. 

The drafting process

The drafting process in the essay writing is where the essay writer expands upon the ideas and information placed and organized in the outline of the essay. The ideas are presented and explained to the reader, while also presenting them with the evidence and its analysis and evaluation. Once the essay takes an intelligible form your draft will be complete. Try not to edit your essay during the drafting process as it will be a waste of time. 

Reviewing and editing

The review and edit process allows you to take care of the essay on the macro-level (paragraph level) and the micro-level(sentence level). During the review process you should make sure that your essay answers the essay prompt and that the thesis statement is clear and explicit in presenting the focus of your essay. Moreover, the review involves making sure that the paragraphs are uniform and coherent, and the flow of information is optimal. Essay typer is an online tool to help students generate well-structured essays for free. Editing process involves correcting the sentences for their style, structure, grammar and punctuation. 


Before handing in the essay, you should proofread your essay. You can use a spell checker to make the job easy for you. It is important that you put the essay aside and come back to it after some time for the proofreading, as it will help you weed out the mistakes easily.

Working on the essay feedback

Lastly, you should take note of the feedback provided to you after your essay is graded. Changes should be made according to the feedback in your next essay, based on the feedback. To get a deeper insight into your performance, you can discuss the feedback with your instructor.

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