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  • I am looking into ways to broaden the scale of cardboard recycling here because it seems generally more effective as a recycling method and the school would receive a rebate. Wondering if anyone else has made this move and how costly it was to implement. ...

  • At Haverford, Students passed a resolution to implement an environmental audit of student organizations during the budgeting process. This was the language: BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED THAT the student body, including student organizations and student government, ...

  • Good morning Emma. T-shirts are our most popular item. Second to that are reusable utensils made of bamboo. Other items that we have used include plant kits ( a small pot with seeds and dirt); mason jars, and round laptop stickers. For a special event ...

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  • The university recently announced it will eliminate all single-use plastic water and soda bottles in its operations throughout dining facilities, markets and vending machines. Starting this academic year, all undergraduate students will be given a reusable aluminum Vanderbilt tumbler for use at hydration stations throughout campus.
  • The new program blends fundamental and interdisciplinary engineering education in energy systems with elements of public policy, economics, management and entrepreneurship.
  • (Australia) The university recently installed a 2.1-megawatt photovoltaic system, the energy from which will be used to cool water in a three-story tank. The chilled water will then be used for air conditioning, which is currently the single biggest user of electricity at the campus.

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