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  • Hi everyone, Does anyone have experience with and feedback on implementation/effectiveness of putting light switch and faucet signs up in dorm rooms? We've gotten approval from housing to put "Turn off the lights" and "Don't let the water run" reminders ...

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    For any universities that use reclaimed wastewater from their own WWTP, can you let me know if/how you include the reclaimed wastewater used?  The credit info includes the following: " Water that is recycled/reused on campus should only be counted toward ...

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    Hey Leah,  We're still developing a reporting structure at U. Delaware for annual reporting, but I intend to include information about how our Uni matches up with other similar institutions. Benchmarking to highlight strengths and weaknesses, as well ...

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  • In an effort to reduce carbon emissions, the university entered a partnership with the carpooling app miles2share in early March, which allows students, faculty and staff within the Tufts community to connect with riders and drivers with overlapping routes.
  • Offered through the college's Environmental Education Center, the new certificate program develops broad leadership and management skills through exploring issues involving sustainability.
  • The recently approved plan sets the college on a path of carbon neutrality by 2035 and outlines specific steps to be investigated and implemented over a three-phase timeline. Recommendations cover the areas of energy, waste and transportation, with a focus on immediate, high-impact actions that can reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency on campus.

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