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  • In the fall, the university received the Accelerating Smart Labs Award for Program Development and Implementation from the U.S. Department of Energy for having developed a comprehensive strategy based on the goals of the Smart Labs program, such as identifying lab energy conservation measures, estimating savings, seeking funding to expand the program, and starting to implement projects in seven of its lab buildings.
  • The U.S Department of Justice recently announced a $3 million grant to establish a National Center on Restorative Justice. Through restorative justice practices, offenders are rehabilitated through reconciliation with victims, their communities and other means. The center will be a collaboration between the Vermont Law School, the University of Vermont, the University of San Diego, and DOJ’s Office of Justice Programs.
  • The university aims to convert some of its mulched spaces to plants and trees after research from the Campus Climate Lab and an earth and environment undergraduate student revealed that mulch and the maintenance of grass lawns negatively impacts the campus’ carbon cycle.

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